INTRODUCING: A foam rolling video guide from a TOP TIER massage therapist
Are You Stuck at Home?
Suffering From Stress, Pain, and Muscle Tightness During The Coronavirus Pandemic?

This NEW self massage course can RELIEVE stress and help you feel PEACE during this chaotic time...

About Tanya Esmay

Tanya Esmay owns a referral only massage therapy business in Scottsdale, AZ.

She works with olympic gold medalists, professional golfers, NBA, NFL, and MLB athletes, top performing CEOs, and anyone else looking to optimize their body and perform at the highest level.
What You Are Going to Learn...
  • How to relieve pain when massage isn't available
  • What areas you should work to relieve specific issues
  • How to increase range of motion with proper form 
  • ​Which foam rollers I use and where to buy them
  • ​Which massage balls I use and why
  • ​How to find your trigger points for the quickest relief
What Areas Of The Body Are Included With This Course?
  • Feet
  • ​Calfs
  • ​Quads and IT Bands
  • ​Hamstrings and Adductors
  • Glutes
  • ​ Low Back
  • ​Upper Back
  • Pecs and Neck
PLUS a 40 Min FREE Bonus Workout: Grab your roller and get ready for something BRAND NEW

Join me as we put together everything you learn in the fundamentals course and turn your foam rolling session into a KILLER WORKOUT

It's my own little version of a meditative and restorative at home sweat session. It's part yoga, part foam rolling, a great core workout, and a TON of FUN

I have never seen anything like this done before and I am SO EXCITED to share this with EVERYONE! 

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